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Pro Exam Tutors helps you tackle your toughest CFP® exam questions with private and group tutoring services, live interactive CFP® exam prep courses, and resources designed to help you pass the Certified Financial Planner® exam.

Passing the CFP® exam is no easy task and it's natural to not feel confident leading up to the exam. One of the main ways that private tutoring helps build your confidence is through individualized attention and instruction by a tutor that not only passed the CFP® exam, but has taught thousands of students and has years of experience as a Certified Financial Planner®...a Pro Exam Tutor.

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The CFP® exam is hard enough. Pro Exam Tutors' fast and simple 3-step process will take the stress out of your CFP® exam prep. It's as easy as making a phone call or completing our easy call-back request form.

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ARE YOU STRESSED OR PRESSED FOR TIME? Then Pro Exam Tutors is for you.

Our Pro Exam Tutors are here to help you overcome the challenges associated with taking and passing the Certified Financial Planner® exam. Our tutors are the best in the industry and have many years of experience in helping students like you pass the CFP® exam.

Our Pro Exam Tutors understand your frustration and the challenges associated with taking and passing the CFP® exam. We've been where you are, know what you're feeling, and have prepared resources to help you overcome your worries.

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Your Pro Exam Tutor will work with you to make a plan to pass the exam.

Did you know that 1 hour of tutoring saves 3-4 hours of studying on your own? Your Pro Exam Tutor will help you accelerate your CFP® exam prep time.

Your Pro Exam Tutor will review them with you and help devise a plan to ace your CFP® exam.

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We can tell you how great we are until we're blue in the face, but what really matters is what our clients think of us. Here are just a couple of the recent comments we've received from some of our students who recently passed the CFP® exam after using our services.

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Our tutors are Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners and experienced tutors committed to help you pass the CFP® exam.

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