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For Candidates Who...
  • Want their hard work and sacrifice to pay off by passing the CFP® exam
  • Have tried but failed to pass the exam
  • Need personal attention that they can't get from a live or virtual course
  • Want to be guided by an experienced instructor and real-life practitioner

Pro Exam Tutors is a fully online tutoring service that helps you become proficient in the 8 Principal Knowledge Categories.

These categories are:

  1. Professional Conduct and Regulation (7%)
  2. General Principles of Financial Planning (17%)
  3. Education Planning (6%)
  4. Risk Management and Insurance Planning (12%)
  5. Investment Planning (17%)
  6. Tax Planning (12%)
  7. Retirement Savings and Income Planning (17%)
  8. Estate Planning (12%)

Pricing is straightforward and there are 4 options:

  1. $110 per hour for 1-4 hours of tutoring
  2. Buy a 5-hour block at $100 per hour
  3. Buy a 10-hour block at $90 per hour
  4. Goups of 2-10 students costs $65/hour per student

* Any unused time will be fully refunded.  If you choose to pay by the hour but exceed the 5 or 10-hour price breakpoints, your bill will be adjusted downward as if you purchased a 5 or 10-hour block.

Simply book a call to reserve a time that is convenient for you and your tutor will confirm the date and time.
If your tutor doesn’t know how to help with your specific question, he or she will be happy to arrange a session with another tutor. If you ever have a session you're not completely happy with, you can request a credit for the minutes used. We will review the session, and if it doesn't meet our standards for quality or accuracy, we can credit those minutes back to your account!

CFP® professionals must pass the comprehensive CFP® Certification Examination, pass CFP Board's Fitness Standards for Candidates and Professionals Eligible for Reinstatement, agree to abide by CFP Board's Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and Rules of Conduct which put clients' interests first and comply with the Financial Planning Practice Standards which spell out what clients should be able to reasonably expect from the financial planning engagement. These are just some of the reasons why the CFP® certification is becoming increasingly recognized.

In addition, the CFP® certification prepares you for a career-long commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of your clients. As a CFP® professional, you become a coach and problem-solver, able to provide truly personalized services to clients and to maintain high levels of financial planning and professionalism. Finally, your expertise and credibility as a financial planner is instantly communicated with the CFP® marks - the financial planning certification most sought after by consumers and financial planners alike.

Learn more: https://www.cfp.net/get-certified/certification-process

2021 CFP® Exam Testing Windows:

  • July 6-13 (Registration Deadline June 22)
  • November 2-9 (Registration Opens July 15)

2022 CFP® Exam Testing Windows:

  • March 8-15 (Registration Opens November 11, 2021
Yes. Just click "View your previous sessions" on your account page to review transcripts of your previous sessions or replay them in real time.
All forms of payment are accepted: Credit Card and PayPal
No. You just pay for the time spent with your tutor.

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