AICPA Uniform CPA Exam Group Tutoring

Pro Exam Tutors’ group tutoring service will provide your group with the help you need to pass the AICPA Uniform CPA Exam with ease.

Passing the AICPA Uniform CPA Exam is no easy task and it’s natural to not feel confident the day before the exam. One of the main ways that group tutoring helps build your confidence is through individualized attention for your small group and instruction by a tutor that not only passed the AICPA Uniform CPA Exam, but has taught thousands of students and has years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)… a Pro Exam Tutor.

CFP® Exam Group Tutoring

Pro Exam Tutors’ flexible and affordable pricing plans make it easy to get started, while our convenient online sessions make it easy to stay on track to passing your AICPA Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam.

When you hire a Pro Exam Tutors, not only do you benefit from personalized instruction by an experienced and Certified Public Accountant (CPA), but you’ll benefit from their real world knowledge of owning and running their own CPA practice.
CFP® Exam Group Tutoring

Pr® Exam Tutors’ Group Tutoring Services include:

  • 1 to 10 hours (see pricing)
  • Special Group Pricing
  • Pro Exam Tutor
  • Initial Assessment of Each Group Member
  • On-Going Assessments Per Module
  • Tackle Your Toughest AICPA Uniform CPA Exam Questions
  • Easy to digest 1-hour Zoom Sessions
  • Recording of each session
  • No Contract

Frequently Asked Questions

For Candidates Who...
  • Want their hard work and sacrifice to pay off by passing the CFP® Exam or the AICPA Uniform CPA Exam
  • Have tried but failed to pass the exam
  • Need personal attention that they can't get from a live or virtual course
  • Want to be guided by an experienced instructor and real-life practitioner
Pricing is straightforward and there are 4 options:
  1. $120 per hour for 1-4 hours of tutoring
  2. Buy a 5-hour block at $110 per hour
  3. Buy a 10-hour block at $100 per hour
  4. Groups of 2-10 students costs $75/hour per student
* Any unused time will be fully refunded.  If you choose to pay by the hour but exceed the 5 or 10-hour price breakpoints, your bill will be adjusted downward as if you purchased a 5 or 10-hour block.
Simply book a call to reserve a time that is convenient for you and your tutor will confirm the date and time.
If your tutor doesn’t know how to help with your specific question, he or she will be happy to arrange a session with another tutor. If you ever have a session you're not completely happy with, you can request a credit for the minutes used. We will review the session, and if it doesn't meet our standards for quality or accuracy, we can credit those minutes back to your account!
Yes. Just click "View your previous sessions" on your account page to review transcripts of your previous sessions or replay them in real time.
All forms of payment are accepted: Credit Card and PayPal
No. You just pay for the time spent with your tutor.
If you choose to pay by the hour but exceed the 5 or 10-hour price breakpoints, your bill will be adjusted downward as if you purchased a 5 or 10-hour block.
Any unused time will be fully refunded.
Once issued, you will receive an email showing your refunded amount and an adjusted invoice for your records.  Depending on your bank, refunds may take anywhere from 5-7 business days before funds are deposited back into your account.

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