Jerry Pecaro, CPA

Jerry Pecaro, CPA

CPA Lead Tutor

Jerry is presently tutoring for FAR and BEC (only).

Jerry Pecaro, CPA & CPA Lead Tutor, is a Certified Public Accountant by profession and in that capacity, has worked as a consultant to the Association of International Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), writing & correcting exam questions in Jersey City, N.J., prior to moving to the Carolinas.

“My experience is multi-disciplined and varied. It encompasses leveraged buyouts, turnarounds and Strategic Planning at the macro level, as well as accounting in all its specialties (managerial, cost and basic). I believe this diversity of experience allows me to impart the concept to the student in a more rounded fashion and from different perspectives, rather than simply providing a definition. This creates a more illustrative development of the concept.” – Jerry Pecaro, CPA

“I tutor the student to understand the underlying concepts of the areas and “it is a finite list” for each section. Then, I supplement their understanding in areas of weakness with extra computation. Therefore, when the student takes the exam, they are knowledgeable of the subject areas and the chance of success is markedly enhanced. I believe that is what it takes to guide the student to success.” – Jerry Pecaro, CPA

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