CFP® Exam Pass/Fail Stats

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Pass/Fail Stats

The CFP® Board publishes statistics following each exam cycle on the number of exam takers that passed and failed. They also note the percentage of first time and repeat Certified Financial Planner™ exam candidates that passed/failed. Interestingly, a greater percentage of first timers passed than those taking the exam again. You can view the recent statistics here.

As you continue with your CFP® exam prep, it’s best that you don’t pay too much attention to the statistics. The reasoning is the exam is always changing and evolving, so it’s possible you pass one cycle, but had you taken the exam a different cycle, you would have failed because a few topics you were a bit shaky on were tested more heavily. As your CFP® exam date nears, it’s important that you feel more confident with each passing day. That confidence will come from the feeling of being prepared and from understanding the topics that you’re being asked about, and not just memorizing information. Of course, the Certified Financial Planner™ exam requires a ton of memorization of facts and ways to solve problems, but understanding what is being asked will certainly boost your chances of passing.

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